About Us

We love dogs and this site is our way of helping to support other dog and pet owners who want to to make sure their canine pals are are well taken care of and live a long, healthy life.

Pet owners have always been curious when it comes to what is safe to give their dogs in the areas of  food, medicine, toys and everything else. We want our pooches to be happy, but we also want them to be free from things that can cause them harm. Our dogs are valuable members of our family and taking good care of them is a great responsibility.

That's where our site comes in. We are striving to become the definitive source for information when that question, "Can I give my dog...?" pops up. We want to help you as a pet owner to make wise choices concerning what is dangerous and what is safe for your dogs to eat, ingest, play with, sleep on, ride in, and so much more!

Thank you for visiting and helping to spread the word. We look forward to your future visits and we wish you and your loyal pets the very best in a healthy lifestyle.

--The "Can I Give My Dog...?" Team--