Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Can I Give My Dog Bacon?

Bacon is a breakfast staple in practically every home. It’s scrumptious, and just the aroma of bacon can make you start salivating. Without a doubt, your dog can smell its enticing aroma when you get it going on the stove. However, should you give in when your pet starts begging for a few savory bacon strips? There’s an ongoing discussion as to whether table food should be given to dogs. There are many things to consider, like the dietary value of table food and what it contains. Before giving any sort of table food to your pet, you should find out if it is really safe for them. Most canines will surely adore the taste and scent of bacon. And it can be difficult to say no to your beloved pup especially when they give you those sad puppy dog eyes. But no, you should never offer bacon to your dogs because it’s just bad for their health. Rich and fatty foods are in fact not good for dogs. One disease that can develop from ingesting this sort of food is pancreatitis.

Can I Give My Dog Bacon? Answer: No!

The pancreas is located in the abdomen just behind the stomach, and when a dog frequently eats greasy, oily food, this can cause irritation and swelling of the gland. The pancreas is designed to release digestive enzymes into the stomach

All dog breeds are susceptible to pancreatitis when they are regularly fed a diet of greasy and fatty table foods. Pancreatitis can mimic other ailments in your pet, so it can sometimes be difficult to diagnose in its early stages. Most owners don’t realize their dog has the disease until they have a severe attack and become very sick. Small breed dogs seem to develop the disease much easier than larger breeds. However, it is still not okay to give bacon or other greasy foods to larger dogs because they can still develop the disease, only the progression is a little slower. Also, a diet that contains too much salt (processed pork is high in salt content) can lead to problems like bloating and twisted intestines which are deadly to dogs.

Pancreatitis symptoms usually include vomiting, loose stools and noticeable pain in the abdominal area. The tricky thing about these symptoms is the fact that they are the same as other ailments such as poisoning or simply gorging. If you suspect your pet may have pancreatitis, it is bet to get them to a veterinarian so that they can do blood work to determine if that is what the problem is.

Can My Dog Eat Bacon Grease?

Bacon grease contains all of the same harmful qualities of bacon itself. Dogs love the taste of bacon grease and will lick it up aggressively if given the opportunity. The high concentration of fat, oils and salt are bad for a dog’s heart and can lead to circulatory problems just like in humans. It is best to not allow your dog to lap up bacon grease to avoid the same health issues you face with bacon.

Is Raw Bacon Dangerous for Dogs?

It does not matter whether bacon is cooked or raw, it is not good for your dog. Not to mention the health problems like pancreatitis, raw and undercooked bacon also has the potential of carrying deadly parasites that can be extremely harmful to your pet. In addition, the preservatives that are used to cure and store pork products have been known to cause heart, liver, kidney and intestinal problems in dogs. If you want to give your dog bacon, the safest thing to do is to give them bacon flavored dog foods. These foods are specially formulated and seasoned with your dog’s health in mind.

Proper Dog Diet

A dog’s dietary needs are different than a human. This is why it is important to only feed your dog foods that have been specifically designed for their nutrition, growth and health. This is best accomplished with commercial dog foods found on the market today. A good, steady diet of a premium dry or canned dog food will ensure that your pup lives a long, healthy and comfortable life. After all, it is the least we can do for a pet that shows us such unconditional love.


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