Friday, July 12, 2013

What Can I Give My Dog For Pain?

As a dog lover all my life--I got my first dog "Bingo" when I was just a toddler--I do believe that having a dog as a child helps to instill that sense of responsibility in taking care of pets and knowing that there is another life that is dependent on you for survival. Just like when our parents get older and we must take on more responsibilities with them, we must also take more responsibility for our aging pets.

As dogs age, they start having hip and back issues, joint problems, oral decay and even experience sight and hearing loss. Typically, veterinarians will start prescribing anti-inflammatory medicines for older dogs which can quickly become expensive. As a result, many dogs are neglected and left to suffer in pain when they get older. However, there are some things that we can do to keep our pets in better health as they age.

Ultimately, the best way to keep your dog in consistently good health is to make sure it stays hydrated with plenty of water, gets plenty of exercise through daily walks and is generally kept clean and free of bacterial agents. But, if you feel like your dog is starting to feel the affects of age by not being as active, with a lower energy level or perhaps not walking as straight as they used to, you might want to consider administering proteolytic enzymes. Proteolytic enzymes are systemic enzymes that are known to help dogs with inflammation, pain, soreness form surgery and injury recovery. These enzymes do a great job providing muscle and joint support, as well as increasing overall tissue health. They are also an over-the-counter (and much cheaper) alternative to prescribed medications.

Another great supplement for naturally treating a dog's pain is a Glucosamine Chondroidant MSM formulation to help rebuild problem joints. These supplements can really do a great job of treating even the most severe cases. In some cases it can even be considered miraculous. Being able to control the pain and inflammation and rebuilding joint tissues can really make a huge difference in the comfort of injured or aging dogs. We don't want to see our pets suffer, and we should be willing to take the responsibility for their well-being.

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